The Yeats room at the Lady Gregory Hotel in Gort, County Galway, Ireland; all ready for this season's wedding parties.

As soon as you know the date.  My Fridays and Saturdays are going quickly; often booked months in advance.

There is no problem penciling you in on a tentative basis.  If someone else calls for that date, I’ll call or send you an e-mail and ask for a decision.

Although it’s not a requirement, I prefer meeting with you before the deposit is made.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that I get to meet you and see what kind of a couple you are.  I enjoy seeing the love and sharing your excitement about capturing your big day.  Conversely, if you two show no emotion toward each other, I’m not sure how I’m going to capture it on the big day.  If I don’t see any chemistry between the two of you, and if I hear things like, “I don’t want to spend much time doing photos because I hate being in pictures”, I’m not going to want to shoot your wedding and I’ll tell you that.  I shoot weddings because I really enjoy them and it’s important to me that the couple shares that excitement.

The other reason is so that you can meet me.  Am I the right fit for your family?  Do you trust me when I say your photos and your wedding are really important to me?  Do you want me at your wedding?  Meeting me will help make you feel more comfortable you made the right decision.  We can get to know each other even better if you book me for your Engagement Photos.

Absolutely, Yes!

I like engagement shoots for many reasons.  The main reason is that it gives you an opportunity to get unique and loving pictures of the two of you in a relaxed and fun setting.

The other reason is that, if you have me shooting your wedding, it gives you a chance to see how I work and the style of shots I get.  It also gives me an opportunity to observe the two of you and help guide you toward getting better images.

If you are interested in an Engagement Session, keep in mind I am up for anything at any time of the day.  I love themed shoots and, frankly, most locations will provide for better images first thing in the morning when the light is best and there aren’t many other people around.

Expect the Engagement Session to take up to an hour and a half.  You will receive a disc of 40 great images, all in high resolution.

€500 (unless you are booking me for your wedding - then it’s only €350)

Yes.  I would like a detailed Itinerary of the day with addresses of each location.  I would like this a week before the wedding.  I would also like a list of desired shots.  I’ll get the usual ones but if there are specific shots you want (bride and groom petting the family dog) it’s better you tell me beforehand rather than hoping I get it.

I’ll also want a list of family shots you’ll need.  Yes, there are the standard shots I love getting but with split parents or large extended families, I may miss ones you were hoping for.  Give me a list and nothing will be left out.

If you are planning on anything like “rocking the reception”  or a group like Kerry's famous Straw Men and would like it to be a surprise, no problem.  However, if you let me in on the secret, I’ll be sure to get better shots than if I’m surprised like everyone else.

Even if you are planning on little unique events to be happening during the day (like a traditional Kiwi ‘Nose Touch’ during the ceremony) and it’s important that they’re captured, it’s always safer to tell me.

A deposit lets me know that you are serious about keeping the booking.  A €500 retainer, which is put against your final amount, will guarantee your booking.

The balance is due on the wedding day or before.  Many people pay months before the date and that’s fine.  If something happens and that silly best man forgets to bring the cheque, please don’t panic - I’ll still shoot your big day. (You just won’t see the pictures until… you know.)

I accept cheque, cash or bank draft.  Lately, many have been paying directly through their online banking.  It’s quick, easy and secure.  At this time, I do not accept credit card or debit card.

Ireland is a Wedding Destination for many people as they return to their families or ancestors or just want to experience the natural and historic romance of this ancient land.  Many Canadian or American couples are comfortable hearing my Toronto accent and like dealing with someone more familiar on such an intimate day.

I am also quite comfortable shooting in the UK and Continental Europe, and in the winter months, warmer spots such as Spain, the Canaries, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Turks & Caicos.  When you book me, plan on me throwing in extra shoots for a morning in Havana, and sunset Trash/Rock the Dress, etc.  Contact me with your dates as I have many other bookings in the off season.  I do not shoot shoot destination weddings in other countries during the local wedding season (May-October).

Concerning fees - I do expect to have my trip paid for although keep in mind, I certainly do not need to be there a week - if it saves you money, just have me there for 4 days or so.  Concerning my shooting rate, there is no increase, since it is in the off-season.

If you’d like to know more about my experiences shooting destination weddings and how I can be a great addition to your big trip, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yes, I provide this service to my clients with every print ordered.  However, keep in mind that I won’t retouch these things unless I am asked to do so as it is important to me that I don’t inadvertently offend anyone.

Typically, your wedding images will be available within a month or two.  However, I’ll fire off some teasers the following Monday to whet your appetite and so you have something to pop on Facebook.  If prints are ordered, I usually have them done in a week or two after I receive your selections.  Books take a little bit longer.

Absolutely yes.  I backup every image as soon as it lands on my computer on a special backup system.  However, if something catastrophic happens, such as a fire, I could lose everything.  This is why I give the disc of all the high res images.  This way, if anything does happen, I can be comforted in knowing the client will always have a copy as well.  In giving the disc to you, I am absolving myself of any responsibility for lost files so it would be in your best interest when you receive the disc to pop it on your computer and also make a backup disk.  However, I haven’t lost a file in 3 years and now have 12 terabytes of space including the backup drives.

I provide a custom-formatted disc with the high resolution images for every job I do.  It’s part of the package.

While I don’t keep a published list on this website, there are some spots I just love.  I’m compiling a list of specific locations, walls, nooks and crannies throughout Galway & Clare that I’ve either shot against or am looking forward to shooting at.

However, if you have a specific idea in mind of the specific look and feel you are looking for, it would be great if you have scoped out a few locations yourself.

Low-resolution images are the ones I send out in my teasers.  The colours are a little weaker and the quality is much lower.  They are no good for printing but perfect for e-mailing and Facebook.

High resolution images are sharp, full of detail and colour and will easily will print up to 11x14 images without any upscaling.

Sure do!  The printers I recommend are the ones I use for my personal images.  I primarily use the Fuji Imagine shops in Galway and Clare with fantastic results.  These are professional printers whose primary goal is to provide both professional photographers and hobbyists/individuals who highly value the art of photography with quality prints.

They may not be not the cheapest option but they are local, and are reasonable priced when you consider they constantly calibrate their printers so you receive prints with the highest quality.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen images in the past that are faded or distorted in color quality and found out they were printed at the big discount box store or at the local drug store.  You get what you pay for; cheap prints sometimes means cheap quality!  You’ve splurged for the photo session and the digital collection of images, please don’t skimp on the prints!

Also, some mass retailers will refuse to give you your prints if they even begin to look ‘professional.’  Even though I don’t put my name on the discs for this reason, some won’t print them for you if you don’t have a print release in hand (if you want one, I will give one to you).

You can also print them yourself if you have a better-quality color photo printer with the original equipment manufacturer’s ink cartridges installed.  I suggest you calibrate your monitor, clean the print heads and run a calibration test prior to printing.  In the long run, I still find it more economical to stick to professional printers; you’ll save in time and money overall.

Technically, I do.  The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author (me) of the photograph the exclusive right to copy, edit, and distribute image by sale or transfer.

These exclusive rights make it illegal to copy, scan, edit, or share photographic prints and digital media without the photographer’s permission.  All professional photographers feel the same way about these rights.

I am, however, giving you permission.  I’m not giving you permission to submit one of my images to a contest or sell the image and call it your own work.

But just keep in mind, that they are still my property and if I choose to show them on my website or print in a brochure, etc., I can.  If I’m unsure if you’ll be cool with a photo being used, I’ll ask to see if it’s OK as it is never my intention to upset anyone.  I just think it’s important for me to retain the rights to my images.

Yes please!  However, please be sure to note in the gallery description or photo album title that they are photos from Rob Allen Photography.  When you pop my name up there, I get all kinds of referral work.


I do charge for travel if I have to drive more than 100km from my home, near Gort.  I charge €0.50 per km traveled.  If you are getting married in Ashtown in Dublin 15, your travel fee will be €225 (225km there and 225km back).

Concerning lodging, if your event is late or far away, I’ll need to be put up for the night.  Now, I’m a pretty relaxed guy; I don’t need to stay in an expensive hotel; it can be at a local Airbnb.  It comes down to is common sense.  If your event is hours away and my services are scheduled to end at 10:00, I’ll need to say over.  I’ll be to tired to drive safely after 7 hours of shooting.

If it ends at 6:00, I’ll head home.

Most end up being anywhere between 6-8 hours.  I like capturing the bride before the wedding.  Then the groom, if nearby.  I like 90 minutes (or more) of picture time between the ceremony and the dinner.  There usually is no need to keep me much past the first dances.

I always do and will be shooting with both cameras.  Both are full-frame Nikon digital SLRs.  I also carry two flashes and 5 lenses to every shoot.

I do shoot alone and have been very successful in getting great shots to thrill brides and grooms.  However, if it is important to you that I have a second person shooting, I can have one with me.  There would be a fee with that and would be close to €500 as I would be hiring another professional with the skills to do a good job and then I would expect to take nearly a full day to edit the nearly 1000 pictures this person would take.


Quality relationships with other experts in the wedding industry are important.  I am pleased to give you my recommendations for dependable local suppliers:

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