Galway Engagement Photos in ‘the Gloaming’

Had a great time recently doing engagement photography with Yvonne and Jimmy in Galway City. We agreed on a time late in the day to take advantage of Galway’s natural orientation to the setting sun and got some wonderful shots. The sunset photos were lovely, but it was only after the sun had set that the magic began to happen. Sunsets are beautiful to photograph almost anywhere, but don’t put your camera away when the sun dips over the horizon, or into the Atlantic.

Turn away from the west and see how beautifully the afterglow in the sky has lit things – especially the people around you. This light is uniquely soft and directional. The ancient Scottish northerners – who know a thing or two about having the sun low in the sky – have a word for this time of day. They call it ‘the Gloaming’. It is subtle, but professional photographers – especially those who specialise in wedding photography – know how to capture this warm and special light.

Bride Yvonne & groom Jimmy light up each other after the sun has set and the gloaming warms them both with the background of the The Long Walk from Galway's Claddagh

Yvonne & Jimmy light up each other after the sun has set and the gloaming warms them both

The Long Walk is one of Galway’s most distinctive vistas; it certainly is Galway City’s most photographed, painted and reproduced vista.  What a beautiful backdrop it makes for wedding photographs with its intermittent pastel and primary-coloured architecture, with a spice of the past!  The Claddagh is a vibrant community in the west of Galway City, an old fishing village that overlooks the Corrib River and The Long Walk. The mouth of the Corrib is a living thing, waterways converging in picturesque canals around old-fashioned architecture, then rushing to the sea with threateningly high tides (as it was this evening) and then ever faster as the tide goes out.

This is not just a great setting for engagement pictures, it’s a fabulous place for wedding photography as well!  In the Gloaming, as Yvonne and Jimmy found, the area is a romantic and intimate setting where two people are able to focus only on each other.  The early evening eastern sky had turned to blue, but the remaining light of the sky warmed Yvonne and Jimmy’s skin (along with a kiss from the flash) making them seem to glow from within in their intimate moment.

The vibrant houses on The Long Walk overlooking Galway's famous Claddagh

Galway’s famous Claddagh

Whether you are a couple from Galway, planning your wedding from another part of Ireland, or even from overseas, Galway City and county are full of wonderful places to make your wedding vows, enjoy the company of your family and best friends, then depart on a romantic holiday.  As well as modern sophisticated hotels such as ‘The G’, there is history and romance in nearby castles such as Lough Cutra, Cloghan, Kilcolgan and Glenlo Abbey.  The next day you can leave your wedding guests to enjoy themselves while you go off on your honeymoon nearby.

The Aran Islands, the Cliffs of Moher, Lahinch Beach, the rugged beauty of Connemara, the Shannon River and Lough Derg are all a short drive away.  Even the Skelligs can be reached by a short drive and a boat ride.

Sunset on The Flaggy Shore in County Clare, near the Cliffs of Moher on the Wild Atlantic Way

The Flaggy Shore in Co. Clare

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